All parents know the importance of having good bibs and muslins so that their little ones can eat each day with the greatest hygiene, but whilst still looking trendy. The Mayoral bibs and muslin cloths colletion is composed of different sets of muslin with multiple designs and sets of bibs such as ones which are embroidered or have fun, printed designs, which also serve to stimulate the baby´s senses. On one hand, the former stand out because they are made of 100% cotton fabric and are very soft, providing a very pleasant feeling on your baby´s skin. it comes in a square shape with wide measurements and different designs. On the other hand, bibs stand out for being round and having a neck closure with a washer to fasten, after being made in interlock fabric. All sets are presented in a beautiful box, which makes them an ideal gift on any occasion. Our competitive prices have made us a reference point in the design of children´s fashion garments. Thanks to our website´s extensive catalogue, you will discover everything that can offer for your baby.

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